Do you read me?

Who's asking? The Bible, God or your longing for more?

Ute, 16 years old, says: “When I pick up the bible I realize more and more often that it speaks to me in my everyday life!”

To meet up with God in the verses of the Bible, to find inspiration, gather new strength or develop a new vision whilst encountering astonishing stories – that's what the bible reading campaign "Do you read me?" is all about.

Rereading God, retelling your life, rephrasing what you know.

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New ways to read the bible

On this website, we present you five concrete methods for reading the bible.

Have you ever considered, for instance, that you can use the five fingers of your hand to help you discover new aspects of the bible? Or that you can take bible-reading to the third dimension?

Just browse through the methods that are listed on the left-hand side of the screen.

All our methods are also printed as bookmarks, like the one shown here on the right-hand side.